Dogs We Dig #11: India K

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Dogs We Dig #11: India K

Meet India K, triple-threat: photographer, writer and multimedia artist. In recent years she’s taken Tumblr by storm with her weirdly sad and relatable non-party banners. She’s a semantic romancer, a wordsmith, an apathetic poet. And we’re bloody stoked to have worked with her on a shiny new collaboration pin.

India banner

India has always been bursting with a creative energy, a thirst to decipher and depict the world around her, but insists she can’t draw or paint. At age 12, Papa K gifted her a disposable camera, and India fell in love. This, finally, was her medium. Later, a 90s-model Canon became her weapon of choice, and one she’s used to shoot (and kill) daily since.

Her photos’ aesthetics are soft, yearning, and nostalgic, like a dream. According to India, “I am fascinated by how we choose to remember things and what we discard from our past.” Keen to fuse her three favourite art forms of text, writing and photography, she turned to the banner. She painstakingly handmakes each letter, spelling out intimate yet universal angsts, and strings them on high. The project was originally about the disruption of space with text - a vista slapped with cynical caps - but has since turned personal, examining expression of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The idea of private introspections writ large in a public space is at once terrifying and liberating. This is another concept India’s work toys with - vulnerability as a strength. Splaying anxieties in caps for all to see is a kind of release, a cathartic purge, like shouting your fears into a ravine.

India making

And they strike a chord, don’t they? Pluck at your heartstrings (plink plunk)? Flipping through India’s work, you could likely find yourself confronted by familiar ideations, thoughts and feelings you’ve had before. Her musings reassure you that we all have these feels - you’re not alone or as weird as you thought, after all.

 You can view India's work on her website, store, Instagram, or Twitter.

Who are you? My name is India K. I'm an artist living and working in Ridgewood, Queens. I write words and build installations and take photos.

What are you into? Tattoos, pizza, Florida, baseball, redwood trees, and Kate Bush.

What is your quest? To show that vulnerability is a sign of great strength.

What do you wish would fuck off forever? Donald Trump.

We’re big fans of India’s weird brain and are fkn keen as beans to show you what we’ve cooked up together. Subversion is the best version.