Dogs We Dig #12: Dom Spiteri

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Dogs We Dig #12: Dom Spiteri

Our mate Dom was always destined for something big. Hairdresser and makeup artist by day and dancefloor destroyer by night, Dom is high energy and optimism personified. Early in 2016 her restlessness spurred her to Europe in search of adventure, but she soon ran out of time in the Schengen Area and had to skedaddle. An impulse saw her boarding a ferry bound for Africa, and she found herself in the unfamiliar, enchanting chaos of Morocco. Dom fell in love.

Morocco sits at the confluence of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Oceans, the meeting of East and West. It’s a dizzying fusion of cultures. Dom spent hours perusing the souqs, picking handcrafted goods which spoke to her heart and bringing them home to Melbourne. And then the questions started - what is this fkn siq thing and how do I get one? A lightbulb flickered in Dom’s mind: there is a demand. She had to go back.

Fast-forward a few months. With no particular plan, Dom scoured the markets of Marrakech for the best of Morocco to share with the world. She heard whispers of a magician, Abdu, who worked with one of the country’s most luxe exports: leather. The lightbulb burned brighter. Buried deep in the ancient medina is a tannery, and in this tannery Lost Little One was born.

Abdu’s broken English and Dom’s non-existent Arabic meant communication was reduced to exaggerated gestures and facial expressions. But the combination of her ideas and his expertise leapt this hurdle, and the result is a gorgeous range of luxury unisex bags. Focusing on minimalism and functionality, produced using traditional methods and contemporary ideas, the collection is a beautiful mélange of Melbourne and Marrakech.

Lost Little One is available online and offers free shipping to Australia.