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We stumbled upon Carla Scotto at 2017’s Yule Be Right Market, lurking around Dylan Jones’ stall. She’s a graphic-designer-slash-illustrator, a former emo, vitriolic towards waste and in a state of constant existential and artistic angst. She’s fun.

Carla Scotto - Landfill Motel

Carla’s been drawing since she could clutch a pencil, and cites Neopets’ aesthetics as heavily influential on her style (spooky foods, anyone?). After high school she wound up at Monash studying arts and theology, but the soul-suck wasn’t for her. She snuck off to Europe instead to find herself, and on her return her concerned parents enrolled her in a three-month, high-intensity practical graphic design course at Shillington College. A single missed day was likely to throw off her whole trajectory. And what’s worse, Carla was told she had a bad attitude and would struggle in a studio environment - faaack.

But she found that a stupid thing to say in the long term - who gives a fuck about niceness if the artist has talent? And Carla’s certainly got talent. She dove straight from Shillington into the world of freelance graphic design in late 2015 and has been leaping to new heights ever since.

Carla Scotto - Is there plastic on Mars?

As a kid, Carla wondered where all our waste went. When she realised the answer was landfill, her heart broke. She thinks (rightly) that single-use products are absolutely bananas and an example of terrible design - “It’s nuts that a household is expected to fill a wheelie bin every week.” Her work has a strong environmental theme and incorporates a bunch of memorable puns for max effect. Our favourite is, “There’s no planet B.”

Balancing her furious environmentalism with the reality of earning an income is not easy. Carla has to be very careful with the materials used for her products and is conscious of the evils of mass production, but she’s still gotta earn them dollars. And her outspoken opinions have garnered her a very vegan and mostly female audience for her efforts. While this is great, preaching to the choir is not a super effective way of publicising a message. 

While she herself is not a vegan (thanks, hereditary anaemia), Carla practices reductionism and is mad conscious of her personal consumption and waste. Living a plastic-free life is hard work, though. You effectively need an entire backpack to carry around your replacement items - steel straw and water bottle, menstrual cup, bamboo toothbrush - and you’ll be considered super annoying (though not as annoying as a vegan).

Get Lit Pin

We cooked up a little collab with Carla in the Get Lit pin, a triple entendre. Nab yours before they disappear.

Formerly known on Instagram as ScrotalTaco, Carla has had to ditch the best username out for something more PC in CarlaDrawz. But we’ll always know her by the proper moniker. Scrote on.

 Cover image credit: Her Words