Dogs We Dig #2 - Brat Box

Dogs We Dig -

Dogs We Dig #2 - Brat Box


Patch and pin fervour around the world has only heightened in 2016, and with such a flooded market it’s difficult to pick the best. Wading through the mire of patch and pin posts on Instagram can be daunting and exhausting.

But never fear! Brat Box has appeared to curate the finest selection so you don’t have to.

From the minds behind the massively successful Storenvy, Brat Box is the world’s best (and only) patch and pin club, delivering flair to your door every month. To date, they’ve sourced over 800 products from 27 designers across five countries and, at this rate, can presumably feed your addiction forever.


How does it work? First, you pick from three options (prices in USD): Rascal ($13, one item), Punk ($20, two items), or Brat ($25, three items). Brat Box will contact you with the month’s themes, you select one and then you wait for the mailman to deliver your stash. This month’s themes were Adventure, Space Stuff and Bad Vibes. Can you guess which one featured our products?

We finagled some time with head brat Brock to ask him some standard questions:

  1. Who are you? My name is Brock Cady. I'm what modern society refers to as a ginger. Self proclaimed well-adjusted survivor of adolescence.  I started Brat Box for one simple reason: help spread the word about independent artists by creating a brand paired with an awesome customer experience that made collecting pins and patches even more exciting, and well.... easier.
  2. What are you into? Pins. Patches. Artful stuff. RAD shit. You... maybe? Seriously though. Brat Box is about YOU. We set out to build a community that cultivates and promotes a following of bad-asses that aren't afraid to express themselves no matter what their interests might be. This is true for all BRATS. Artists and shoppers alike. Because of this you'll see a very diverse set of pins and patches featured on Brat Box. We developed the idea of curating by theme because we know humans are multi-dimensional and cannot be confined to one slice on a demographic pie chart. Whether you're into nostalgia, that grim life, kawaii cute, quirky or maybe any or all of them depending on the month,  we just care about one thing. When you do it, always be unapologetically you.
  3. What’s your quest? Have fun. Make people smile. At the end of the day the only thing that's serious is your laugh.
  4. What’s around the corner? We're launching Brat Box Shop at the end of June 2016. Members of our subscription service will get 10% to 15% off anything we feature in our shop. Non-members will be able to buy our themed boxes and any pin or patch we feature.. but no discounts for you. Sign up already ; ) After that... well, it's a secret. I can't give away all the surprises but let's just say it will reinforce the idea of community that I spoke about above.
  5. What do you wish would fuck off forever? I wish people that say "wow, your hair is red!" would fuck off forever.

Intrigued? Duh. You still have time to sign up for next month’s order - get on it via the Brat Box website.