Dogs We Dig #4 - Geedup Co

Dogs We Dig -

Dogs We Dig #4 - Geedup Co

Geedup: highly motivated; full of confidence.

It’s an apt title for this Sydney brotherhood, whose sharp streetwear label aims “to murk all others and destroy competition”. Beyond high-quality, handsome gear for your urban thuggin’, Geedup is much more than a brand; it's a lifestyle, built on a solid sense of belonging, loyalty, strength and individuality. Its voice is powerful, and is a reflection of the boys behind the scenes.

Geedup started from humble beginnings, with co-founders (and brothers) Beau and Jake Saywell hailing from Sydney’s west. Thick as thieves, these mouthy motherfuckers were raised by the mean streets. It wasn’t long before the family grew, adopting Benny Pearce and Marc Fattore as their own. They felt it was only natural to capitalise on their love of streetwear by selling it to the masses. “We decided that collectively we had perspectives and ideas that should be shared, so we began to look at how we could express it, and the answer was by making our own garments.’ says Benny Pearce.

Pulling inspiration from hip-hop, graffiti and mobster culture, Geedup has quickly transformed into an icon within the Australian streetwear community. Their aesthetic is a balancing act between exploring new ideas and the influences that helped build their foundation. It’s a constant evolution, a perpetual refinement of the fusion between classic and contemporary.

“It’s changed over the years, as we’ve grown and expanded our minds, and now we’re grateful to be able to put our spin on a wide range of different styles, and cater to those who might have otherwise have been intimidated by streetwear in the past. At the very core, Geedup’s aesthetic is directly inspired by life. Seriously. We keep a close connection to hip-hop, and that bleeds through in many ways, but this brand’s image is exactly what people choose it to be."

Geedup’s AW16 Divergence collection is out now, and encapsulates their classic street style perfectly through bold text, neutral tones and bright accents. Stand outs include their bomber jackets and women’s crops. Tasty. On top of their stylish wares, Geedup’s blog is well dank, featuring a little food, a lot of tunes and some street news. Our kinda stories.

Geedup’s mission: to succeed extremely. They’re well on their way.


1. Who are you?

We are Geedup Co, a Sydney streetwear label - and a formidable one at that.

2. What are you into? 

Hip-hop music and humankind.

3. What is your quest? 

To alter perspectives, and open people to a way of thinking that translates through style. We want to take our stories and put them in the mouths of people around the globe, and see what happens.

4. What’s around the corner? 

Our Winter 2016 ‘Divergence Collection’. A little overdue, but worth every second that the clock hand steals. It’ll be available online and in-stores as of Saturday, July 9.

5. What do you wish would fuck off forever? 

The idea that wearing toe shoes is socially acceptable. Fuck off.