Dogs We Dig #5 - Kerry Glennon

Dogs We Dig -

Dogs We Dig #5 - Kerry Glennon


LOOK, IT’S KERRY GLENNON. A cocky son of a bitch with a silver tongue and a boatload of talent, this long-time bro has a big fat life ahead of him. We’ve got a major friend boner for him and it’s time the world knew about it.


But first, who the fuck?

Kerry makes films. He’s a cinematic mechanic. He writes, directs, acts, edits and produces. He’s good at almost everything. Did we mention how handsome he is?

Obsessed with films his whole life, Kerry has been dabbling in the production of his own ideas since the age of 15. Two years ago he put his head down and hustled hard, ultimately launching his own production company, RK Media, in the last six months.

Since then, with momentum steadily building, his web series The Odd Sock was recently nominated for Melbourne Web Fests’ Spotlight Award. Showcasing talented up-and-comers in the modern film industry, MWF is Australia’s leading international web series festival and this guy beat over 200 other entrants.

Despite his hectic schedule, we managed to pin Kerry down to A a few of our Qs:

  1. Who are you? My name’s Kerry Glennon, I’m a filmmaker from Melbourne and I love milk.
  2. What are you into? See above. I’m into video games, cinema, watching dudes punch each other in the face in the UFC and rap music from the 90’s.
  3. What is your quest? At its very core, all I want to do is entertain people. Whether that be through films, or writing, or my burgeoning stand up career (which doesn't exist yet), I just like making people laugh.
  4. What’s around the corner? My company RK Media has been poached to co-produce an independent Bollywood feature film in 2017, it’s the first of its kind being made in Melbourne so I’m at the ground level of something really special. Besides that I have a few little trinkets to edit on my battle station at home that include; a music video about drugs, booze, prostitutes and swimming pools. A back-packing trip across the U.S.A. and Europe I did in 2013 as well as a short film called ‘White Milk’. Surprise, surprise.
  5. What do you wish would fuck off forever? Winter.

Kerry Glennon,

He's not a lemon.

Five Stars.