Dogs We Dig #8: Chelsea Johnson

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Dogs We Dig #8: Chelsea Johnson

Need your cuticles cutened? After a pastel undercut? Boys, don’t kid yourselves - that stubble’s not a beard. We’ve got just the barber to rehumanise that face.

Little Rebel Collective sprung up in Fitzroy two short years ago and, you know what? It just Fitz. LRC’s core is comprised of Rhia the barber, Kylie the hair stylist and Chelsea the beautician. The space is an explosion of colour: kitsch, tattoos and punk rock, designed to be all-inclusive and indiscriminate. Weirdos welcome.

Chelsea goes professionally by Miss Jay’s Nails and Beauty. She specialises in nail art - painting tiny, complex scenes on your keratinous ends with surgical precision. She’s reimagined all the subversive subjects you can dream - tiny genitals and cigarettes and beers, and, once, FUCK OFF, complete with thumbnail microscopically flipping you off. Our kinda woman.

Whether you’re after digits adorned with fairy princess castles or dead and bloody unicorns, Chelsea’s your girl.

Fuck Off

Who are you? Chelsea from Miss Jay's Nails and Beauty 🙋

What are you into? Being at the front of a live show, laying in a park, swimming in oceans and lakes, climbing moderately high mountains and drawing magical pictures on people’s nails.

What’s your quest? Creating a space in which people can share ideas and feel safe in themselves as well as inspire creative minds.

What’s around the corner? Having spent the past 2 years working extremely hard with very minimal time off, this year I plan to take a step back and enjoy what I've built with a couple of well deserved holidays along the way.

What do you wish would fuck off? Judgement of gender, appearance and age.

UPDATE 2018: Chelsea has since moved to 438 Smith St, Collingwood. Here's her website.