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JFO X Matthew Kozik

Earlier this year I approached a tattooist about a piece very close to my heart.

Carl Sagan is, in my opinion, the very best human to ever have been. I’m particularly smitten with the Voyager program, a pair of probes initially sent on a reconnaissance mission of the outermost planets. That business complete, they’re now sailing endlessly through interstellar space, still bleeping and blooping back to us on Earth. Attached to each Voyager probe is a copy of the Golden Record, assembled partly by Carl Sagan. The record is intended as a combination of a time capsule and an interstellar message to any civilization, alien or far-future human, that may recover either of the Voyagers (Wikipedia). I could write a lot about this, but here I’ll stop. Take away one thing: I love this concept.

I wanted Voyager on my body forever and one dude sprang to mind: Matthew Kozik. Steady hands, fine detail, black lines. This is the guy. I’d never met him, but had spent years following him and his studio Hidden Moon on Instagram. I’m a big fan. I contacted him and he was intrigued enough to book me in.

He was standing on the street smoking when I showed up for my appointment. We stood in the shadows of Melbourne’s legal buildings and chatted. Gentle and humble, inked to the gills, earlobes agape, Kozik is a real gentleman. I was delighted.

He is politely curious and easy to talk to, with an arsenal of would-you-rather type questions on hand if conversation doesn’t flow. Kozik doesn’t enjoy the idea of money and would rather barter his trade for goods and services. He’d like to travel the world by the power of his art and craft. He’s currently in Thailand doing that very thing. In June, he made it to Buscalan in the Philippines to receive a tattoo by Whang Od, the last surviving practitioner of the art of Kalinga.

Whang Od
Kozik answered our questions:

Who are you? I’m not sure anymore.

What are you into? Tattooing, art, jewellery, anime, smoke and mirrors.

What’s your quest? To figure out the answer to question 1.

What’s around the corner? A sliver of hope.

What do you wish would fuck off forever? My inner monologue.

Just Fuck Off and Kozik have been working on a dark and weird little project, the first fruit of which is the tasty BRB pin. Get ‘em while they’re dead.


Stay tuned to see what else we’ve got up our sleeves. The Voyager tattoo, by the way, was (is) perfect:

Voyager tattoo