Selfies Suck

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Selfies Suck

By Matthew Nolan.

Let’s be diplomatic for a moment.

There are positives regarding the rise of the ‘selfie’. You can be the photographer and the content all in one. That’s it. There are no other positives because it’s just another example of some people these days being a self-obsessed, poorly communicating bunch of plebs.

Now, I do generalise, but for the most part that the last statement is true. It is true because I have witnessed people of all ages shove smartphones in front of their faces, affix their devices to these ugly-ass selfie sticks and look genuinely stupid taking their own photo. Now, unless you’re in the middle of nowhere mountain-climbing or in Antarctica by yourself (why the fuck would you do that), here’s an idea - ASK SOMEONE TO TAKE YOUR PHOTO.

This has two benefits. Firstly, you get a better photo without your fucking tuck-shop lady arms ruining your masterpiece. Secondly, you open up a brief chat with another member of the human race. They walk and talk just like you do!

Amazing, isn’t it? Heed this advice you’ll do well.

Ignore it? Fuck off, I tried.